Courseware & Learning Management Systems Developer

Enable people to do complex things with distributed open-source technology, from anywhere.

What's this gig about?

You'll enable people to do complex things with distributed open-source technology.

What will I be working on?

If you decide to join us, you'll be working on several things:

  • We run a fairly sophisticated online learning platform at, and similar platforms for our customers. We constantly add both new courses and new platform functionality to all of them, so there's courseware development, platform development, and CI/CD that happens there.
  • We also do custom course development for both on-line and in-person courses for City Cloud and City Network customers, which involves lab design, courseware implementation, and training delivery.
  • Occasionally, if there's a specific topic that a customer is particularly interested in, we also deliver on-site or remote consulting gigs on behalf of the City Network professional services organization.

What should I know?

Here are the skills that you'll need to bring:

  • You should be able to communicate in a professional, concise, and clear manner in English.
  • You should be comfortable with externalizing information.
  • You should know how to write to be understood.
  • You should know some Python.
  • You should know your way around a Linux server.

Then, there are the skills that we're happy to teach you, but it would be terrific if you could bring some along:

And then there are some things that we would absolutely like to know about if you have them:

  • Prior experience in any kind of teaching, training, or course development.
  • Proficiency in multiple spoken languages.
  • Prior intercultural experience.

Are there formal education requirements I need to meet, such as a degree in a particular field?


What can I learn?

Apart from the fact that you'd be very much deepening your technical skill set as a courseware and LMS developer, there are a many other learning and growth opportunities on our team:

  • The entire learning curriculum at is yours for the taking. We already have an array of courses there on technologies like OpenStack, Kubernetes, Ceph, Terraform, Gerrit, and Zuul, and we continue to add more. You are absolutely welcome to plow through all of those.
  • We've got work as a distributed team down cold. We're also pretty public about what guidelines we follow when it comes to communicating in a distributed team. You'll be able to apply this at any other stage in your career, including if you ever take the plunge to launch your own business.
  • You'll learn a lot about automation, orchestration, CI/CD, REST APIs, the works.

What communities would I engage with?

You would primarily engage, pretty much from day one, in the Open edX and OpenStack communities. However, there is nothing to stop you from engaging more broadly with the Python, Django and DevOps communities. We want you to build a reputation among your peers in the industry.

Who would be my direct manager?

Florian Haas (more information here and on LinkedIn).

How's work at City Network?

We're growing pretty quickly at this stage, in customers, revenue, and head count. That said, we're also solidly profitable, and the company has existed for more than 15 years, so don't expect cash-burning startup insanity. This is all a good position to be in, but to be candid, just like any other company, we're not perfect.

As a company, we strive to improve and perfect the structure of how we collaborate and communicate, but we're not quite where we want to be in that regard. (We do have to set a pretty high bar here for ourselves, given that our role in the market comes with a great deal of responsibility.) So, we are actively looking for people who come with an open mindset and an eagerness to help us all get better.

If you have specific technical expertise on an issue that another team of colleagues is working on, you should expect to be asked to contribute your knowledge to solving the problem — just as you will expect to get that same support from them, when you have an issue of your own to resolve.

What does my team look like?

You'd be working on a 4-person team. That is a small team size, and that's quite deliberate.

The team is currently composed of three women and one man.

What does my work week look like?

We work Monday to Friday. We don't ever expect someone to work nights and weekends. (This should really go without saying, but we prefer to be explicit about this.)

We also happily and routinely accommodate family obligations, morning (or evening) workout routines, and weekday errand runs.

What countries can I work from?

Regretfully, we can't hire people currently residing in the United States.

For organizational reasons (we do occasionally meet in person, see below) we would generally prefer people who are able to travel to the EU without a visa.

Can I work from home?

This is a position on a distributed team, where all current team members work from home.  You can work from anywhere where there's a reliable internet connection.

You're welcome to pop into one of our offices if you live near one or travel through, but that won't ever be a necessity for you to get your work done.

What timezone would I work in?

We have one weekly sync meeting of 1 hour at 0800 UTC every Monday. If you can make that, we're good. Everything else is up to you to schedule. We try to keep our work as loosely-coupled as possible, so any work hours that work for you, normally work for us.

Is travel involved?

Currently, in the middle of a global pandemic, no.

Once it becomes globally safe and feasible to travel for business purposes again, possibly. Customers might be looking for help in your specific area of expertise, and might ask you to come on-site to help them out. We try to keep this to about 5 days in any month per person, tops.

In addition, there's also an annual one-week team meeting somewhere on the planet that we'd like you to participate in. We haven't done this since 2019, but would like to return to this whenever it is safe and convenient to do so.

Finally, if you're a person who enjoys public speaking, we highly encourage you to participate to open-source community conferences and meetups to give presentations and workshops. Currently, these are all online, but once in-person events become available again, we will support your participation and travel there. All travel to conferences on our behalf will obviously be on company time and pay.

What employment conditions apply?

This is a full time position with 6 weeks' vacation. We have a company policy that specifies a 6-month probation period.

When would I start?

If you're currently available, the earliest start date would be 2021-09-15. If you are currently employed and you have a notice period to contend with, or you have other obligations that make you want to start later, 2021-11-01 is the latest start date that we would be looking for.

What will I make?

Your starting salary (if you live in Sweden) is € 54,000 annual — that is after employer taxes, before employee taxes, with legally applicable benefits.

If you live in another country, we make salary adjustments for purchasing power parity based on where you reside, according to the World Bank's PPP conversion rate applicable to your country.

If you live in a country where we currently do not have an established local operation (in other words, any country except Sweden, Austria, and Germany), your compensation is agreed to in a consulting agreement, negotiable on a case-by-case basis, with comparable terms.

Can I apply anonymously?

We'll need a working email address from you, but if you prefer to not give your name or other identifying information in the initial application, you are free to withhold that. However, please be prepared to disclose your identity in the course of an interview — we can't hire you anonymously.

I'm interested. What's next?

We'd like to hear from you! And we have a few additional questions we would like to ask you. Some of those are about your existing skills and strengths, but if one of them happens to leave you stumped, don't fret! That's totally OK. We don't expect you to bring everything to the table, we'd just like to know what we should prioritize in training.

We will keep applications open until at least 2021-09-01. There is no need to rush your application: we will not start to review any earlier than 2021-09-01, and we won't rank applications by date received.

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We have four fundamental values which propagates through the entire organisation:

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